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There is a new cafe in Budapest that goes beyond imagination. TwentySix Budapest. (Kiraly utca 22) It is not only a cafe but a jungle with vivid colours, beautiful tones and pleases one's souls greatly. It is a real forest feeling with many and different types of plants, bamboo chairs and genuine wood tables. 

In this beautiful and unique place Bettina and I decided to have a morning session. Scroll down for seeing more photos, reading more information about this place and click here to contact them directly. 

Photoshoot at TwentySix Budapest

To begin with get yourself familiar with their slightly puzzling schedule. They have 3 sections - Shop, Garden, and Kitchen. Shop is also an interior cafe area. Here you can buy design products for your kitchen or home. Didn't have the time to go through everything so I'll leave it to you. The shop is open from 9 AM to 7 PM. There is Garden Area which opens from 12 PM till midnight. (2 AM on Fri and Sat nights) So you are technically not allowed to be in the jungle before noon. But worry not, there are 4 tables that are still outside, just not in the middle of the jungle but with a jungle view. so you can still take photos although it is a bit sad not being able to enjoy a morning in the jungle. Are you already confused with the schedule? Hold on there! The kitchen hours are limited too :) They serve breakfast between 07:30 AM - 10:30 AM, lunch between 12 PM- 3 PM and dinner between 6 PM - 11 PM. 


If I managed to confuse you enough about TwentySix Cafe in Budapest then let me apologise and help you with a self designed Weekly Table how to enjoy the place without getting dizzy between all these numbers, scroll down and you it will be under Bettina's photos :)


On a Monday morning before work head to TwentySix around 8 AM, grab a delicious croissant or sandwich and order a latte. I must say their coffee is SO GOOD! Say Hello to their staff and they will embrace you with a big smile. 

On Wednesday sneak away from your office or take a break from your excursion walk in Budapest and go there to order a omelette. I haven't tried it myself but once I saw someone's reaction when they tasted it and that was a very satisfied face :)

On Friday take your significant other or even your puppy and treat them to a nice dinner starting at 6. There are some vegan options too! I like seeing more and more vegan restaurants in Budapest! 

Are you familiar with the place already? Here comes my last tip - their Plant a Tree Cocktail is getting famous. That can be your Saturday drink. 

Thanks for reading! Me? I am a photographer in Budapest. I take vacation photos, lifestyle photos, wedding photos and I create portfolio albums. If you are in Budapest or traveling to Budapest send me a message and we can discuss. Also you can select one of my fix packages and order online! 


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