Propose to your loved one in the

Most Beautiful Cafe in the World!

'There is no literature without a Café' – stated Sándor Márai, a Hungarian writer from the 20th century, who himself frequently visited the historical building of the New York Café

New York Cafe has its own magic and charm. It is called "the most beautiful cafe of the world" and once you stepped in you know what it means... Stylish decoration, elegant menu, live music and breathtaking architecture. Can you imagine a better cafe to propose to your loved one?

Proposal in New York Cafe is definitely one of my favourite proposals to shoot! The atmosphere will put you into a romantic mood immediately. Before your proposal you can enjoy a delicious coffee and a cake in the cafe, make a romantic proposal and then if you like you can book a room in this high class hotel in Budapest. 


The photos in this album will amaze you and make you want to propose. 


I help with this proposal by: 


  • Booking a nicely located table in the cafe. 

  • Take permissions (required) to take professional photos

  • As an extra you can order a session with a video.

  • Help you to get a romantic room after your proposal 

  • Arrange decorations as you imagine

  • Skype or FaceTime consultation to understand your request very well.  

See some more information about the New Work Cafe, Budapest here!


Information about New York Cafe