The Modern Headshot Project - Zsolt Marinovszky, Marina Part, Budapest - June 2020

The Modern Headshot is the new trend for travellers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and influencers. Zsolt and I worked on his new set of photos at Marina Part...

Modern headshot is the new trend...

One of my main focus areas as a photographer is the portraiture. I love taking portraits for several reasons:

  1. Portraiture is very personal... As a personal trait I enjoy being close to people, communicate with them, learn about their story, and I really like taking the best shot they have ever had. I consider myself good in "reading people" and when I have that communication and connection with people, great photos follow.

  2. Portraits are multifunctional... You can use them for your social media, your website, even for your business. The new trend in the world is going towards having modern and natural shots rather than staged ones. Most of the people find it boring.

  3. Portraits are appealing... As I am working on getting the know the person I take photos of, I find their comfortable mood and set that mood for my guests. What people usually tell me when they see the photos I take is "Is it really me?!" I love that reaction!

  4. Portraits are my area of expertise. I have had hundreds of guests who worked with me for a portrait photoshoot - in Budapest, Vienna and elsewhere


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