How to survive the coronavirus lockdown as a photographer - This is what I am doing

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Embrace it!

For many of us this is not a season where we have the usual tempo and rhythm of incoming orders. Talking about myself for instance, 88% of travellers to Budapest have canceled their tickets. I doubt the 12% will come either, they probably forgot to cancel their tickets. So let’s assume that no one is traveling so basically no orders from one of my main activities; travel & lifestyle photography of romantic photoshoots in Budapest doesn’t exist for some time. Sometimes in life there are things that we can’t control. Fighting against things there is no possible way we can control will also damage your nerves and it will cause more serious problems than less income for a few weeks or months.

Don’t panic, try to sit & think logically and long term.

The first thing I’ve done was to read the news carefully, make sure I keep calm and taking right steps; accept it, don’t panic, try to sit & think logically and long term.

I’ve embraced it, that’s the reality that I have right now. It helped me to be able to go on and analyse the situation.

Stay safe!

I won’t repeat the WHO suggested essential hygiene advices that you already know very well. Keep yourself, your loved ones and your elder ones safe. You will need good health to continue to work as a photographer when things are better again.

Keep yourself, your loved ones and especially your elder ones safe.

Another thing that I can suggest is to keep a good diet and exercise for your body and brain. Not that I am doing it but I can suggest yoga and stretching exercises. Remember we all have issues with back and neck pain during weddings or long photo sessions. Perhaps this is the time you can spend some of day strengthening yourself.

Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, communicate with your friends to maintain a good physical and mental state.

Also try not to gain weight. You wanna look good in your next wedding session.:)

For your heart I suggest at least 30 min walk with moderate / high tempo, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, communicate with your friends to maintain a good physical and mental state.

Become creative AGAIN

One of the things that my photographer friends always tell me: “We do the same thing again and again, we are losing our spark

Here you go - you’re not doing the same thing again anymore :) Show off your creative side. Maybe create something at home, get yourself inspired with going through Pinterest and Instagram pages. Collect ideas and maybe sort your “hidden box of gem” and you will find a gel to use with flash and create cool lighting style or think about and practice how to apply different lighting on a portrait session.

One of the things that my photographer friends always tell me: “We do the same thing again and again, we are losing our spark

This can be a perfect time to wake up the creative inside of you!

Sell to existing Clients - with a discount

We all have local clients. You can meet them and have sessions somewhere outside. Fresh air is healthy and germ free. I was at Normafa Park yesterday and it was busier than the city itself! Remember your clients also limit the time they go out so you can help them get less bored. When you meet them keep the 1 meter distance anyway though!

They are your valued clients that you will probably see them throughout your entire career. So be flexible with your pricing and make sure you are surprising them with a small gift. These are the times that we need to be nice to each other. Humour & kindness will keep us alive and happy!

Stock Images

Selling stock is a potential income stream at all times. Consider finding photos - be editorial or not, post them in stocks. Make sure you add the right keywords. It is passive income so if you get it moving now it will be a continuous stream in the future as well. I am a contributor in Shutterstock

Inspire people

We all need each other. We work in the same area and luckily where I am all photographers are nice to each other. I have received many messages on instagram from other photographers last few days. That rarely happened in the past. We simply didn’t have the time to maintain interesting conversations but this period gives us some free time for that as well. Contact your photographer friends and support each other. Maybe you can work on a project that you will run when we survive the virus!

Create a database

This will come useful for the future. A customer database is good to analyse your work, income, expenses, your audience and it will also help planning a sustainable workflow. Also I am using my own database to contact my clients from time to time.

Set aside income & Save

We unfortunately don’t know how long this will last. In cases like this saving money is always a good option. Limit your expenses to minimum.

Be optimistic

There is enough fear and panic around the world. We are going through a rough ambiguity, a blurred period. We know nothing but our biggest weapon is to keep optimistic. Spread good energy - for yourself, for your family and for your community. Like Italians say nowadays:

"Andrá tutto bene!"

Did you find this useful? Drop a comment about what you think. How do you survive this season? What are the things that you’re doing? Let me know! Would love to hear from you:)

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