David & Tom Wedding Day, Barock Pavillon and Schonbrunn, Vienna

We had a romantic and exciting wedding photoshoot in Vienna! The first venue was Barock Pavillon in the city of Laxenberg and the couples' session was at majestic Schönbrunn Palace...

What a great way to start the Pride Month!

Months ago when they contacted me it was an interim free travel period for international travellers. I was quite sad when we had a new lockdown and feared of not being able to go to their wedding in Austria as their photographer. Fortunately we have been given permission to travel again so I had the honour to be there to witness their moment and create memorable moments for them...

First day we met them at Barock Pavillon for their wedding ceremony. We drove through small and cute town of Laxenberg and reached to this beautiful location. As we learned this place can be rented for the whole weekend for such ceremonies. There is no guard or custody, the renter is in charge of everything! I find it a pretty cool idea!

It was a small wedding ceremony with limited number of people due to consequences. Small groups are usually more dynamic. I feel they are usually more connected and less stressed comparing to bigger groups. Probably more controllable too! We were warmly welcomed and nicely treated. Although I met David and Tom the first time, as we spoke a lot over skype and chat we didn't have a barrier. We were almost like friend that have known each other a long time.

Some beautiful moments that I witnessed was the happiness of David's mother, the couple's excitement and tenderness, the support and love from the guests and everyone working as one team to have a great day together. Multi-cultural wedding with international and same-sex couple. What a combination! Loved it!

The second day around noon we met once again, this time at Schonbrunn Palace for their couple's session (aka Engagement Session). The concept I discussed with them was to start with their wedding day suits (because they were black and white, so pretty and handsome together!) and then have a more casual look for a fun session followed by another casual session at Palmenhaus (Palm House).

I will remember this wedding with good feelings every time. I think we have made friends that we will see again soon!

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