Budapest Top 10 locations I enjoy taking photos

Updated: Jul 8

Budapest is an open studio. When my clients ask me where is good to take photos, a long list comes to my mind. It has amazing places both for panoramic photos and conceptual photos. I enjoy taking photos in several places but I can count as exact spots for most "Budapestian" images.

1. Clark Adam Square

I like this spot best in early mornings because the sun is rising from the other side and photos turn out magical! To get here you need to go to Buda Side and it is the square just under the castle.

2. Fisherman's Bastion, the balcony on the left

Bad news first... Unfortunately exactly this balcony is not available anymore as they decided to open a cafe here. Good news though: there is a way to take photos here if you order a drink in that cafe. There is Parliament and Danube background on this spot. I like shooting here with a 200 mm lens to make it even more magical and making the background even bigger!

3. Fisherman's Bastion, the balcony on the left

The alternative to the balcony on the left is the balcony on the right :) It has not a direct view to the Parliament but with a 60 degree angle. When I come closer and take a photo from the balcony then the Parliament in the background and if I shoot with a zoom lens then you will see Saint Stephen Basilica. Both magically beautiful Budapest spots!

4. Fisherman's Bastion, the middle balcony :)

Hope you already like all three balconies of Fisherman's Bastion as much as I do! :)

This central balcony has many beautiful angles. These are two of my favourites. Especially again in the early morning is the best especially for soft sun lights and less crowd. Less sleep will definitely worth it! :)

5. Terrace of Fisherman's Bastion

This is the very top of the Bastion and it is great for number of beautiful angles. The turrets, the long terrace, arcades... I have taken hundreds of shots here last year and I still can't get enough of that! :)

6. Batthyany Square

Actually it is just a square with not much of attractions. But the view here is fantastic as it is closer to the Parliament. This is usually my last spot before I cross the bridge with my clients.

7. Chain Bridge

This is my second most favourite bridge in Budapest. Despite of what I like the best, this is many people's all time favourite bridge. Like all other bridges, Chain Bridge also connects Buda and Pest to each other and it does it so majestically. Best time to take photos here? Again, early morning. :) If I had to give the best advise for best photos in Budapest, I would show famous bloggers as an example: they go out for best Budapest top spots photos at around 5 AM :)

You can rely on me about being exactly which side to be for best Chain Bridge photos.