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7-8-9-10-11 June

45 mins | 20 photos | 139 €

Professional Edit | Natural | Quality | Stylish

Budapest Vienna Lifestyle Photographer 1

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Recent Photoshoots

Please see some of my recent works to see my style and to get familiar with it!

It is very important that you like my style before placing an order.

I usually shoot travel & lifestyle, couples & romance, and families.


1. What are the spots for sessions?


Central Vienna only. 

2. How do I get the photos?


Within 5 days you will receive a Lightroom link to view photos (downloadable to Mobile) and if all good I will send you a WeTransfer link to download to mobile and desktop 

3. What’s the delivery time?


Max 5 days. 

4. Best time to take photos?


Depending on the weather, style and conditions of the location of photos, every time of the day can be good for photos. 

5. What to wear?

I suggest white, black, beige, brown and muted green. 

6. What if you are late?

I am not very likely to extend the session as I am usually back to back. We need to reduce the photoshoot duration as many minutes as you are late. However, it can be that my next session can also be rescheduled. The best practice is to keep in touch and inform in advance. 

8. Do I need to make a prepayment?


9. Can I change outfit during the session and where?

You can multiple outfits as long as the change time fits the 45 mins. 

10. Can I pay in cash or Revolut. 

Whichever is easier. 

11. Will you get an invoice. 

Yes, as soon as your photoshoot ends we will prepare it together and you'll get an electronic invoice to your email.