Wedding Photoshoot in Vienna | Hochzeit

My most recent photoshoots in Budapest and Vienna

You can see some of recent photoshoots in full albums and read short stories about them.

I am based in Budapest and frequently in Vienna for portrait, travel & lifestyle, engagement  and wedding photoshoots

David and Tom Wedding Photoshoot at Scho

June 2021

David & Tom Wedding Day 
Barock Pavillon and Schonbrunn, Vienna

We had a romantic and exciting wedding photoshoot in Vienna! The first venue was Barock Pavillon in the city of Laxenberg and the couples' session was at majestic Schönbrunn Palace... Click on the image for the album!

June 2021

The Modern Headshot Project - Zsolt Marinovszky, Marina Part, Budapest

The Modern Headshot is the new trend for travellers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and influencers. 

Zsolt and I worked on his new set of photos at Marina Part... Click on the image to see the full album! 

The Modern Headshot | Personal Branding
Maternity Photoshoot in Buda Castle - Bu

June 2021

Noor & Sabr first baby maternity photoshoot, Buda Castle, Budapest

Noor and Sabr expect their first baby in Budapest. 

We had a heart-melting photoshoot on Buda Castle streets. Their excitement made it a beautiful session...

Click on the image to see the full album! 

June 2021

A charming afternoon sesssion with Liwia at Saint Stephen's Basilica, Budapest.    

Liwia and I created a great album for her social media. The place we chose was impressive Saint Stephen's Basilica stairs and around it...

Click on the image to see the full album! 

Travel and Lifestyle Photography in Buda
Dunarama Romantic Danube Tour | Budapest

May 2021

Priceless and elegant sunset moments over the Danube with Dunarama boats

A beautiful sunset was witnessed with Diana and Andrej. They enjoyed their glass of champagne while I was making the moment last forever...

Click on the image to see the full album!