One morning, two bridges

Anika and I spent a wonderful early morning at two beautiful bridges in Budapest. I am going to show you the photos and give you some details about them

A few interesting question would be - how many bridges are there in Budapest? Which bridges are the most beautiful in Budapest? Where to take photos in Budapest? How to contact a Budapest Photographer?... Read on :)

Anika Chain Bridge

We started at Chain Bridge around 7 in the morning - it was a fresh and quiet morning; the whole bridge was only for our photo session! :)

Szechenyi Chain Bridge was the first permanent bridge across the section of Danube in Hungary. Since then, it has become a permanent feature of postcards, films and the 200 forint coin. On the Buda side, it leads to Clark Adam Square, while on the Pest side it leads to Szechenyi Istvan Square and the glorious Hotel Gresham Palace. It frequently features in races, cultural programmes and parades, Every year, thousands of balloons turn the bridge pink on World Breast Cancer Day. Information Budapest Guide 2018 

In the background you'll see the Buda Castle. I really enjoy taking photos there. You can also see my UI - Photographer in Budapest instagram page

The Castle District is home to countless medieval monuments and residential and public buildings constructed in the 17th and the 18th centuries, Its three main sections are the Palace. Szent Gyorgy Square and the historical residential quarter. Thanks to its spacious squares and romantic atmosphere, it hosts a variery of events throughout the year, including the Festival of Folk Arts, the Wine Festival and the Palace Concerts. 

Liberty Bridge Budapest

How many bridges in Budapest? 

The answer is Eight. 

Eight bridges span the Danube in Budapest linking Buda and Pest, each with a fascinating tale to tell. The oldest is the famous Chain Bridge, which was opened for public traffic in 1849. Nowadays, each bridge has a totally different character and style. These bridges are a vital part of Budapest transport infrastructure and popular tourist attractions at same time. We start from the most Northern of the city bridges, Megyeri Bridge, and go southwards along the Danube from bridge to bridge. If you want to read more about all these bridges, I recommend this website.