Simple tips for choosing the right outfit for your photoshoot

This is one of the main questions that I receive before a photoshoot. It can be daunting and tricky to find out what you should wear but to help you manage your stress a bit I have brought together a very short list of what I think you should do or not in terms of outfit selection for a photoshoot. Hope you will find it useful! :)

Selecting the right outfit can be difficult especially if you are going for a "special" photoshoot; for an anniversary, for engagement or proposal photoshoots. Believe me it has tens of different factors that can confuse you very easily. The best way, in my opinon, is to consider fewer and miore essential points. 

Before I go to my "Do and Don't Table" I want you to think about a few important points. 

First off, what is this photoshoot for? Are you willing to use the photos for Instagram? Is this going to be your personal brand? Is it for proposing to your significant other? Maybe a pre-wedding? In all cases you'll keep this photos for a long time, that's for sure. So make sure your outfits are appropriate and neat. 

Secondly, are you going to be alone in the photoshoot? If not thenyou should also be mindful of other person(s). Harmony is the key. 

OK, let's make it a list so easier to read and it will be less confusing. 


Keep it Simple! 

Stick to the solid colors so your outfit won't be the first thing the eye notices. It can be an extraordinary or special design but the more solid color the better. 



Flatter Your Shape

Wear something that fits your body and shows your figure well. Whatever your size may be! 


Relaxed and Natural 

Your outfit, make-up and hair should be as natural as possible (unless you are planning a pre-wedding session, though I suggest the same even for that) It should be you who is in the photos, not someone else...



Plan your color palette and style selection and view it together with other person/people in this photoshoot. If it is a surprise proposal let your partner dress up how they feel like and you match their style


Be Yourself

Again, your photos should look like you not someone else. You can bring a second outfit if you want to try


Be comfortable

This is for your outfit,  makeup or accesories. You should enjoy the photoshoot not worry about a scarf to fly away, a hat that hurts your head or lipsticks that you have to check every minute


Don't Wear Logos! 

Logos, jokes on the t-shirt, TV characters can be distracting for the eye. Unless you have a purpose (hen party etc.) avoid such distractions


Don't Dress Too Casual

A photoshoot is a special occasion so dress up elegantly or stylish. It's better to be overdressed than underdressed



Don't wear your hair in a slicked back style unless it is your signature look. You can use some spray to avoid messy hair but volumed hair looks much better in most photos 


Unmatching Patterns

A good example of what you should NOT do is to have a shirt with stripes and squared pattern trousers. Match the patterns. If you don't have two items matching, then one item should be solid. 


Don't Try a New Style 

Don't try an outfit or make up style the first time for a photoshoto. Play safe and come with an already tried and fitting style


Gentlemen! No fresh haircut

You know your hair doesn't look the best the next day you got a haircut. I suggest to get a haircut 5-10 days before the photoshoot so the hair will look more natural. Careful with the razors too!