Jewish District with a Parisian lady

Kitti visited from Paris, she is a shiny & bright spirit with full or energy and smiles. She loves Budapest cafes, taxi colours and lively streets of Budapest. 

When she looked for a photographer in Budapest she found me and told me to have a session at Jewish District of Budapest so we did so. 


Budapest is full of great spots for taking photos for many styles. You may choose a similar session like this in Budapest if you want to have a stylish session. Contact me if you want to have a photosession in Budapest and I will help you with selection and the photos. 

Thanks for reading! Me? I am a photographer in Budapest. I take vacation photos, lifestyle photos, wedding photos and I create portfolio albums. If you are in Budapest or traveling to Budapest send me a message and we can discuss. Also you can select one of my fix packages and order online! 


Ihsan Unuvar

Photographer in Budapest

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