The most beautiful autumn photoshoot in Budapest


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Pro Edited | Emotional | Natural | Beautiful

Photoshoots as solo, with your partner or family in beautiful nature of Normafa Park and Margitsziget.

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Autumn Photoshoots



Prices vary by location 

Margitsziget 79 EUR / 27.000 HUF

Normafa 89 EUR / 31.000 HUF

Your preferred location based on inquiry

I am looking forward to create a beautiful autumn album for you.

In order to make it easier for you I have collected the answers for frequently asked questions asked by my clients


1. What are the spots for sessions?


I suggest Normafa. If not then Margitsziget. However you can invite me to your private garden as well.

2. How do I get the photos?


Images in your package will be transferred via WeTransfer. You’ll receive a link where you can click & download. All photos are delivered in full resolution.

3. What’s the delivery time?


Photos with professional collar & light filters in 7 days. Fully retouched images 2 weeks after your selection of images.

4. Best time to take photos?


8-11 AM

2-7 PM are suggested for good photos. Early morning or before sunset are the best hours.

5. What to wear?

I have prepared a mood board that you can view above. 

6. What if you are late?

I try to be flexible but I usually one session after another so in order to respect all my clients I would like to encourage you to be on time. Try to arrive to the place 10 mins before the start. I am ok with a few mins delay but if you are more than 15 mins late the session will be shorter as many mins as you are late.

8. Do I need to make a prepayment?

Not for autumn photoshoots.

9. Can I change outfit during the session and where?

You can change your outfit once during a 60 min session, and twice in a 90 min session. 

10. Can I pay in EUR or HUF?

Either is ok. Please let me know if you will need return so I can bring enough cash with me.

11. Payment Methods?

Cash or Revolut




Waiting List

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